Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

Neuromuscular therapy is a specialized form of deep tissue massage in which digital pressure and friction are used to release areas of strain in the muscle. These areas of strain are called tender or trigger points and are the cause of muscular pain symptoms.  Several distinct methods have been derived from neuromuscular therapy, and while these may vary widely in overall structure, they have in common the use of prolonged pressure on soft tissues to address an anomaly, such as a knot, that may be causing pain and other symptoms.


Trigger points are areas of hypersensitivity in a muscle caused by over strain.  These are small areas of the muscle in which the muscular tissue becomes contracted.  Blood and nutrients are lacking in that part of the muscle and therefore the muscle spindle is unable to relax.  Trigger points cause pain, fatigue, and weakness in the muscle.  Trigger points also cause a phenomenon called referral pain.  Referral pain is caused by trigger points and is a phenomenon in which areas far from the trigger point suffer from sensations of pain, tingling, or numbness.  Neuromuscular therapy is used to treat many different soft tissue problems.  Issues that may be helped by neuromuscular therapy include but are not limited to: Lower back pain, upper back pain, carpal tunnel and/or symptoms alike, sciatica and/or symptoms alike, hip pain, headaches, plantar fasciitis, leg cramps, tendonitis, knee pain, iliotibial band friction syndrome, jaw pain, tempo-mandibular joint pain (TMJ disorders).